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Hi I'm Gabriella!

My favorite things in life:
Puppies, pasta & parties!


I adore theater and film projects that leave audiences with a deeper sense of compassion, positivity and make people feel more seen & loved. I love getting to bring the power and beauty of music to audiences on and stage! That's why I also work as a performer at children's birthday parties, music classes and any event that requires a fun tune, positive energy and celebration!

From witches to princesses I'm ready to make your audience smile and go: Oh, she isn't afraid to get ~into it~... I will bring the dedication, skill and fun you need to make your comedic or drama productions come to life! And if I finds out you have a dog or cat I will not stop wanting to be its best friend...and I will succeed. So beware.  


Fun fact: I started skiing when I was 4 years old and almost became a professional alpine ski racer! Here is a photo of me at my first & last ski race!

Me in first grade when I did my first play ever! I played a frog that jumped out of a box!! Truly the role of a lifetime. 

I am a singer, actress, songwriter, musician and performing arts teacher based in New York City! After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin, where I was so fortunate to work on original plays, musicals, podcasts and short films I have finally found my way back home to NY! When I am not performing or teaching I love writing originals songs on piano & guitar, skiing, watching classic Disney movies (with my dog Benny - he loves Lady & The Tramp), eating sushi and ice cream (not together though, don’t worry) and spending time with my friends & family!

The Hair Chronicles + Spooky! An Ode to Halloweens Past

But Gabi would you ever dye or cut your hair? what about dump some blood on your head?
Jokes on you guys...I do that already. for fun. In my free time.

P.S current hair is ginger in the center! 

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